What's New at Cross?

Our team is always out there searching for and discovering new learning opportunities that will improve our academy, camps, and school programs for everyone! You can keep up with all of our adventures here.

The UNESCO project – monograph “Futures of Education”

The staff of the Institute for Strategy of Education Development of the Russian Academy of Education, experts of the UNESCO Chair on Global Education participated in the UNESCO project, providing materials to the monograph “Futures of Education”. The organizers, the UNESCO education sector, proposed that UNESCO …

The 2020 Cross Summer Academy: Olympic Minds Change the World

In 2019, the theme of the Cross Summer Academy was “Open Minds Change the World.” Together, we accomplished one very important goal: we demonstrated that no matter where we are from, when we come together to celebrate life, we all grow. We accomplish things that …

Leap Year Discount for the 2020 Cross Summer Academy!

2020 has finally arrived, and it will be a special year for many reasons. And, for the first time in 4 years, we will have a 29th day in February! To recognize this, we are offering a “Leap Year Discount.” All registrations received between January …

Learning with Cross

We offer summer, winter, spring, adventure school, camps, and experience academies to students from around the world. We celebrate the ability to learn. We encourage discovery. We believe the experience of living gains value and meaning when guided by opportunities to learn, understand, contribute, improve ourselves, and benefit the communities in which we live.

Our Academies have 4 age categories. 4~7, 8~11, 12~14, 15~18. English is the main language of delivery at 3 levels: native, intermediate, and basic. We also have an optional Japanese language and culture stream. The program includes classroom based learning of weekly themes, combined with experiential and hands on learning projects, activities, and outings.

Overall, the program is locationally & experientially diverse, and it is designed according to our philosophy of communicative skills building through engagement and problem solving. 

2019-2020 Program Brochure

Cross Academy, Camps, & School

Cross Education is a school that provides unique experiential school programs, an immersive summer academy, and seasonal adventure camps to students from Japan and around the world, from teens to adults, to students and professionals.

Why Cross

Cross Education is a global learning center based in Japan. Our school, academy, camp, and workshops are open to children, youth, and young adults from around the world. Our programs provide new learning experiences, broader horizons, and new doors to international community and opportunity.

Learn English

For those students whose first language is not English, Cross Summer Academy, Adventure Camps, and Evening and Weekend School Programs provide English language learning emphases that parallel the activities and challenges that all students participate in.

Students from Around the World

Cross Education students in the Summer Academy and Seasonal Adventure Camps are from all parts of Japan, and all parts of the world. We are a community of learners dedicated to creating a diverse and inspired learning community.

Seasonal, Ongoing, and Customizable Programs

Our Summer Academy is by far the most diverse and intense program we offer. Based in a fully provisioned facility conveniently located near the heart of Tokyo, it offers full classroom, sports, activity, transportation, and meal venues and services. Ongoing school programs are also located at appropriate class and studio locations in the city. Seasonal and Adventure camps (Spring & Winter) are delivered in unique locations around Japan and the world.

Study Options for Kids, Youth, Teens, and Young Adults

Our Summer Academy and Seasonal Camps are open to all ages from 6 years to 25. Those from 6 to 17 years old are enrolled as students, and those 18 years and older participate in the integrated leadership skills program. Our Ongoing and Workshop program series cater to specific learning objectives and age levels.

English Language Program Delivery

English is the main language of all Cross programs: the Summer Academy and the Winter, Spring, and Adventure Camps. Our teachers are as much professionals in their fields as they are professionals in communication skills building.

World Class Education Programs

Our school, academy, and camp, programs emphasize learning in fundamental skills for kids, youth, and young adults. What they learn, they then apply in fascinating locations using exciting tools and technologies, guided by inspirational teachers and mentors.