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All of our camps and programs are based on ten values that are very important to Cross: Identity and Community, Relevant Ideas, Applied Learning, Contextual Environments, Unique Experiences, Self-Discovery, Global Relevance, Communicative Skills, Emphasis on English, Exposure to Trailblazers.


These values help us decide on the kinds of things we believe would benefit people to learn. Of course, basic to all of our programs are the essential fundamentals of knowledge; we all must understand how to count, read, and write. However, we are convinced that we can only learn to do those things well when we are engaged in activities that inspire us and that challenge us to communicate. It’s in that nexus of engagement and the need to communicate that effective learning truly takes place.

And so, all Cross programs provide challenges at the point where engagement and communication meet, and we offer 4 unique of learning experiences.

International Summer Academy

This is our largest and most intense program that takes place each summer for seven weeks. It is located at Tokyo campus, near the center of the city. Open to Japanese and International students alike, it is packed with learning in the arts, technology, society, sports, ecology, culture, and communication, in two language stream options: Japanese and English.

Seasonal and Adventure Camps & Academies

These include the Cross Summer, Winter, and Spring Academies, as well as other specialized Adventure Camps.These are all open to local and international students.

Cross Tracks

These are programs that are delivered each week and continue all year round. These programs offer learning opportunities in technology, culture, language, performance arts, sports, and more.

Specialized Workshops and Events

Cross frequently invites trailblazers from Japan and from around the world to provide specialized workshops or to speak in special forums ranging from a few hours to a few days in length.

A Community of Learners

Based in full service facilities with dormitory facilities (when necessary) located only a short bus ride away, Cross Programs provide a community of learning opportunities for children to young adults, from learners to young leaders. Our programs are based on themes that introduce new challenges and learning objectives weekly. Cross Programs provide participants with unique, rewarding, and memorable experiences.

Team Spirit

Team spirit, communication, interpersonal skills, and community values are very important to Cross. While all of our programs emphasize these, our Sumer Academy in particular places participants in five “house” teams that reflect the overall theme of the program and that represent cross-sectional age groups. These Academy Houses provide competitive challenges each week, and allow each of the participants to contribute to their own team’s successes while they learn, use, and apply new skills in order to accomplish the challenges the program offers.

Variety is the Thing!

Participants in Cross Academies come from all over Tokyo, Japan, and the world. They participate in language and cultural learning, they exercise their communicative skills in both English and Japanese, and they learn with one another in a wide variety of activities:

  • traditional and digital arts,
  • media and design,
  • engineering and technology, and
  • sports and performance arts.

We Go Places!

In addition to the jam-packed collection of onsite activities, Cross participants experience exciting and unique outings to local and regional locations that offer experiences and challenges that complement those things they learn about in their daily classes. These include opportunities to visit Japan’s social, cultural, and natural wonders:

  • modern and traditional life and culture,
  • urban, suburban, and natural environments,
  • centers for natural sciences, engineering, technology, and agriculture,
  • locations for outdoor adventure, including hiking, water sports, climbing, rafting, swimming, and more.

All the while, they participate in the challenges the Academy presents and using the skills the Academy teaches.