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These include the Cross Winter and Spring Academies, as well as other specialized Adventure Camps. These are all open to local and international students.

The Cross Winter Academy is held in the northern Japanese region of Tohoku. The group will travel with by bullet train to the northern city of Morioka, and from there even further north to a town called Hachimantai. There they will move into the Cross Academy winter basecamp and spend the entire week learning and experiencing all their is to know about winter culture, environments, traditions, sports, and activities. Of course, part of this camp will include awareness building of the areas that were impacted by the earthquake in 2011.

The Cross Spring Academy is an outdoor experience and survival camp held in Nagatoro, a beautiful location not far from Tokyo. Participants will stay in camp cottages. Meals are served outdoors. In fact, part of the experience is includes learning about how to cook and prepare food in outdoor environments. Participants will learn survival, first aid, and outdoor skills, and they will become familiar with all of the tools that life in the outdoors requires.

Ocean Adventure Camp: Spend a week in October learning on pristine white sands on an island in the South Pacific near Okinawa. The sciences of ecology and oceanography are major focuses during this one week retreat, as are those things you would expect from a tropical adventure: beaches, swimming, water-sports, turtles, and more!

Mountain Adventure Camp: How are mountains formed? What is vulcanism? What does alpine geography and ecology look like? If you love the outdoors and would like to learn and discover all there is to know about them, this is Cross experience you’ll likely not want to miss. Participants in this study tour will spend a week in a spectacular mountain environment in the Kamikochi wilderness.