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THEME: Open Minds Change the World 

Our summer academy is a full summer of fun, learning, challenge, and discovery. This camp runs for up to six weeks each summer, from mid July through the end of August each summer, and is located conveniently at three exciting locations in Tokyo and around the Kanto Plains region, Tokyo.

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ACADEMY FEATURES:  Community, Integration, Experience, Challenge
  • Duration: Flexible duration: 1 to 6 weeks
  • English: Language of program delivery is English
  • Japanese: Japanese language stream for international students.
  • Language Support: English support for non-native speakers.
  • Ages & Groups: Age-specific and multi-age groups and challenges.
  • Learning through Doing: Applied learning focus throughout.
  • Variety: Diverse and inspiring experiences and locations.
  • Inspiration: Problem-solving through new and unique skills and experiences.
  • Character Building: Communication, interaction, exploration, experimentation, teamwork, & leadership.
  • Learning Integration: science, technology, engineering, mechanics, art, performance, design.


WEEK 1 & 2, THE BEGINNING-URBAN ADVENTURE: The first two weeks of the Cross Academy Summer Camp are held at at facilities in the heart of Tokyo. During these first two weeks, the camp participants spend their mornings learning about language, culture, technology, engineering, and much more, all according to the camp theme.  In the afternoons they engage in applied learning challenges, performances, sports, educational tours, and more; they meet interesting and influential Tokyoites; and they discover those things that make Tokyo so special.

WEEK 3 through 5, THE MIDDLE-MOUNTAINS & OCEANS: Weeks 3 through 4 are held in a full service facility in Okutama, a beautiful mountainous region about an 90 minutes by bus from Tokyo. For these two weeks the students will continue expanding on the ideas learned in the first two weeks within a environment full of nature and outdoor challenge. In Week 5 we relocated again to a similar facility near world-famous Shonan Beach just south of Tokyo. There, the emphasis of academy activities will turn to things related to oceans and seas.

WEEK 6, THE END-THE GRAND FINALE: The final week of the Cross Summer Academy will relocate to the same Tokyo location where weeks 1 & 2 were held, and will focus on performances, presentations, tours, and experiences that bring the total learning of the full 6 weeks of camp to a fun and unforgettable close.


  • AGE RANGE: 5 years old to 18 years old (as of the first day of the program)
  • REGISTRATION FEE:  ¥35,000 (one time)
  • TUITION FEE, ADDITIONAL WEEKS: ¥60,000 per week



  • ROOM & BOARD: ¥4,200/night (weeks 1, 2, and 6, plus pre-and post-camp nights.) (see “Note 2” below)
  • ACCOMMODATION SERVICE FEE: Y8,000 (one time)
  • AIRPORT SERVICE: ¥16,000/each way 



  • WEEK 1:   Tokyo  (Daytime)                  START: 07/15/2019                END: 07/19/2019 
  • WEEK 2:   Tokyo  (Daytime)                  START07/22/2019                END07/26/2019
  • WEEK 3:   Okutama (Overnight)          START07/29/2019                 END08/02/2019
  • WEEK 4:   Okutama (Overnight)          START05/05/2019                 END08/09/2019
  • WEEK 5:   Shonan (Overnight)             START08/12/2019                 END: 08/16/2019
  • WEEK 6:   Tokyo (Daytime)                  START 08/19/2019                END08/23/2019



  • THE ACADEMY KIT: All academy materials (backpack, cap, t-shirt, water bottle, ID card, academy guidebook, etc.)
  • MEALS: During day camp weeks (Weeks 1, 2, and 6), lunch is provided. During overnight weeks (Weeks 3 and 4), all meals are provided.



  • INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIPS: One of the unique things about the Cross Sumer Academy is that it brings children together from across Japan and the world.
  • TAKE IN AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT: This creates a great opportunity for local children and their families since they can not only benefit from all of the learning that takes place during the academy, but they can also choose to bring in an international into their homes during their stay in Japan. (see “Note 3” below)



The International Friendship Program

Cross education is proud to work with Homestay in Japan, and preferred rates, to provide excellent arrival, departure, and homestay services to students coming to participate in Cross programs from overseas.

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*Note 1: The International Student Fee applies to those students who travel to Japan from overseas in order to attend the Academy program. This fee does not apply to students 5 years old to 11 years old who must travel to Japan with their families and will not require supervision or accommodations. Children 12 years old and up are also exempt from this fee should their parents be accompanying them during their stay in Japan. The International Student Fee only applies to those children, 12 years and older, who are traveling to Japan alone and require the guardianship services of Cross.
*Note 2: International students will be placed in dormitory or homestay accommodation upon arrival in Japan. During those weeks designated as “daytime” (weeks 1, 2, and 6) they will stay together with their homestay families or in the Academy dormitory. During those weeks designated as “overnight” they will stay in the offsite academy accommodations together with all of the academy participants.
*Note 3: Local families choosing to take on an international homestay student are paid Y5,000 per night and are expected to provide weekend care and all meals outside of those provided by the camp. Homestay opportunities are available during all “DAYTIME” weeks (weeks 1, 2, and 6), and may extend to include a few days before and after the Academy dates.