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2020 Summer Academy (Cancelled)

Details & Fees

  • AGE RANGE: 5 years old to 18 years old (as of the first day of the program)
  • REGISTRATION FEE:  ¥15,000 (one time)
  • TUITION FEE, FIRST WEEK: ¥100,000 1st week
  • TUITION FEE, ADDITIONAL WEEKS: ¥80,000 per week
  • SALES TAX:   10%
  • OVERSEAS TRANSFER FEE (when applicable):  ¥7,000
  • CREDIT CARD FEE (when applicable):  2.9%

2020 Summer Academy Weeks

Choose all weeks, or any combination. Start on any Monday.

  • WEEK 1:  cancelled                START: 07/13/2020                END: 07/17/2020
  • WEEK 2: cancelled                START07/20/2020               END07/24/2020
  • WEEK 3: cancelled                START07/27/2020               END07/31/2020
  • WEEK 4: cancelled               START08/03/2020               END08/07/2020
  • WEEK 5: cancelled               START08/10/2020                END08/14/2020
  • WEEK 6: cancelled               START08/17/2020                END: 08/21/2020
  • WEEK 7:  cancelled               START 08/24/2020              END08/28/2020

Where will you stay? We offer Individual & Group Homestay Options!
Cross Education is supported by Homestay in Japan.

Individual Homestay

  • Homestay Fee: ¥4,200/night (weeks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 plus pre-and post-camp nights.) (see “Notes 1 & 2” below)
  • Homestay Arrangement Fee: Y8,000 (one time)
  • Airport Service: ¥16,000/each way

Group Homestay

Our homestay providers also offer group options in a residence located conveniently near the Summer Academy campus. Shimokitazawa is a friendly and culture filled neighborhood only minutes out of Shibuya on the Inokashira Line. The residence is cozy and can accommodate only a limited number of students, so those interested are advised to register and book their stay as soon as possible each year.

*Monday to Friday lunches are provided at school.
*Group Homestay accommodations are provide to those 12 and older.
*Group homestay provides a warm family life and 24 hour supervision.

What’s Included?

  • THE ACADEMY KIT: All academy materials (backpack, cap, t-shirt, water bottle, ID card, academy guidebook, etc.)
  • MEALS: During day camp weeks (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7) lunch is provided. During overnight weeks (Week 5), all meals are provided.

Seasonal Camps (Registration)

Details & Fees

  • AGE RANGE: 5 years old to 18 years old (as of the first day of the program)
  • REGISTRATION FEE:  ¥15,000 (one time)
  • TUITION FEE: ¥150,000 1st week / 60,000 each additional week      
  • ROOM & BOARD (when required): ¥7,000/night (for all nights before and after the program start and end dates. Room & Board during the program are included in the tuition fee.

Camp Weeks

  • WINTER ACADEMY (tba):   Hachimantai  (Overnight)                   START: 12/26/2020                END: 12/30/2020 
  • SPRING ACADEMY (cancelled):   Nagatoro  (Overnight)               START03/30/2020                END04/03/2020

What’s Included?

  • THE ACADEMY KIT: All academy materials (backpack, cap, t-shirt, water bottle, ID card, academy guidebook, etc.)
  • MEALS: All meals are provided.
  • ACCOMMODATIONS: Provided in full


*Note 1: The International Student Fee applies to those students who travel to Japan from overseas in order to attend the Academy program. This fee does not apply to students 5 years old to 11 years old who must travel to Japan with their families and will not require supervision or accommodations. Children 12 years old and up are also exempt from this fee should their parents be accompanying them during their stay in Japan. The International Student Fee only applies to those children, 12 years and older, who are traveling to Japan alone and require guardianship services.
*Note 2: International students will be placed in homestay accommodation upon arrival in Japan. During those weeks designated as “daytime” (weeks 1, 2, and 6) they will stay together with their homestay families or in the Academy dormitory. During those weeks designated as “overnight” they will stay in the offsite academy accommodations together with all of the academy participants.
*Note 3: Local families choosing to take on an international homestay student are expected to provide weekend care and all meals outside of those provided by the camp. Homestay opportunities are available during all weeks (except for Week 5), and may extend to include a few days before and after the Academy dates.
*Note 4: Academy details may change without notice. Whenever possible, this website reflects the contents of Cross programs to a high degree of accuracy, but events and activities may require sudden modification and change depending on the availability of resources, weather conditions, and other unexpected situations, conditions, and occurrences.


Payment Information

NOTE 1: To retain your seat in the program, all fees must be paid within 10 business days of application or by the date specified above.

NOTE 2: For applications received within 10 days of the program start, the fees must be paid within 3 days of application, and by the day before the program begins at the latest.

NOTE 3: An additional fee of ¥7,000 is added for wire transfer. For payments by Credit Card, 2.9% is added.

Refund Policy

Refunds of Tuition and Related Fees: In the case of cancellation of enrollment, Cross Education will refund fees as follows, following receipt of written notification of cancellation.

Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee will be refunded according to the following notification dates prior to the start date of the Academy:

  • 43+ days prior to the date of entry: 100% Refundable
  • 42 days prior to the date of entry: 70% Refundable
  • 28 days prior to the date of entry: 50% Refundable
  • Within 14 days of the date of entry: No Refund * Registration and Student Services (including bus fees) Fees: Non-refundable.

Should a student choose not to cancel the program entirely, but only remove one or more weeks of the Academy, the value of those weeks only will be refunded. To avoid penalty, the student must continue to be registered for a minimum of 1 week of the Academy.

Students may, at any time, add weeks to their program without penalty.

The registration fee is waived for former Cross students (within the preceding 12 months). However, should the student cancel, Cross Education will retain an amount equal to the registration fee (¥15,000 plus sales tax) to cover administrative costs.

The sibling discount is fixed at the registration fee waiver for each additional sibling registration.