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Welcome to our website!

We’re excited you have discovered Cross, and we welcome and encourage you to explore our pages and learn about who we are and what we do.

Common Ground & Common Purpose

Cross Education was born from a simple idea: when we learn together, on common ground, with common purpose, we, people from around the world, become more versatile, more effective, and more impactful. In doing so, we increase our capacity to make the world a better place for everyone. When we learn together we remove the traditional biases and boundaries of education, and create a platform of inclusivity and open-mindedness where all of us share and benefit from what we all share equally: the human experience.

At Cross we believe that no matter where we are from, and indeed we are all from often very different social, geographical, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds, the essential things that make us human are equal. We are born, we live, we strive to accomplish, we seek the company and comfort of others, and when we are gone, we hope that our lives and actions impacted the world, somehow, positively.

Discovering Ourselves Discovering the World

We believe in encouraging people to discover themselves, their potential, their strengths and weaknesses, and their capacities. We facilitate the ability for people to explore the world, it’s vast diversity, its beauty and potential. We celebrate problems, questions, and challenges in life, and through exercises in learning and effective community building, look for solutions to them. We seek ways to help people grow confidence in the abilities and capacities they discover within themselves, and learn to use them together and in combination with those of others.

Our Academy and Camp programs for youth are deeply rooted in these ideas. Our philosophy of education is manifested through applied learning experiences that include learning in communication (in Japanese & English), technology, society, culture, the arts, media, engineering, performance, sport, and much more. At the core of our approach is, indeed, diversity: diversity of people, of places, of ideas, of activities, and of challenges.

The Center of Our World

The Cross Summer Academy is our signature program held annually for the entire summer on site at our Tokyo Campus in the heart of the city. Located only minutes from some of the most exciting metropolitan centers in the world, within the rich cultural landscape of Japan, the Cross Summer Academy is based in a world class education facility. However, since a defining characteristic of Cross is diversity, our programs take advantage of a variety of locations in Tokyo and in different parts of Japan; we have an ecology center and farm in the outskirts of Tokyo, a full facility school in Okutama in the foothills of the Japanese Alps, and program facilities in Iwate and Gunma prefectures. In 2019, we look forward to expanding our reach of opportunities for students to other other parts of Japan, with considerations even beyond that!

Strength in Diversity & Community

Our community is equally diverse. We are a community of students, staff, and faculty who gather annually from Japan, from around the world, and from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Diversity is also demonstrated within our team of instructors. Not only do they come from around the world, but they are also professionals in their fields of specialization: world class athletes, renowned technology specialists, and accomplished performers and designers. Together, in English as our common tongue, we experience a world of learning opportunity, through the lens of Japan, that is second to none.

Finally, what we are most proud, is this: the smiles on our students faces that don’t ever seem to fade.

Join us in 2019 and discover for yourself!

Greg Culos, President
Cross Education, Japan