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Meet our Team of Directors & Education Managers

The directors of Cross Education have been involved in international education in Canada, the USA,  Japan, and around the world since 1984. They quickly learned that helping people from diverse backgrounds work together, aspire, achieve more than they had previously thought was possible, was the most gratifying of all possible occupations. They all leave behind them a collection of enterprises that did (and continue to do) exactly that!

Cross education is determined to continue a tradition of innovation and excitement in education for people from around the world.


Greg Culos – President & Director

Greg is our mission specialist …he’s always planning adventures, architecting programs, finding ways to help people learn, looking for new ways to do things, and building all of the exciting things Cross offers.



Taro Yamakawa – Director & Marketing

Taro’s our community ninja …and farmer, and technologist, and controller, and business developer, and marketer, and community and public liaison, and car aficionado, and event manager, and more!



Joerg Ziarno – Director & Finance

COO for some of the biggest securities firms, Joerg knows all about global markets, product control, structured income, derivatives, financial control, and even Vanilla! He makes sure Cross stays on course!



Moeko Shimada – Director of Cheer Spirit

Moeko, our Cheerdance program coordinator, joins us from her organization Cheer Spirit. Taught by her team of professional cheerdance instructors, students in our weekend and camp programs learn from the best!