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Check out some of Criss and Crissy’s adventures on behalf of Cross Education!

#1 Criss Visited Fly Station Japan and Discovered a Whole New Summer Academy Adventure 

In his continuing adventures, Criss recently visited Fly Station Japan located in Koshigaya City to the north of Tokyo. There he tried something he wants to do again and again and again! Indoor skydiving! What a blast, and what a great new activity for Cross Programs. This will definitely be a part of the 2019 Cross Summer Academy.


#3 Agriculture Experience: Rice Harvest 11/28/2018

After planting the seedlings in May (see gallery below) many of the participants, and a few new, joined to help cut, bind, and hang the wonderful results. It was another great day at the farm. We’re all looking forward to trying it sometime before the end of the year!


#4 Okutama Spring and Summer Camp Facilities and Locations

Weeks 5 of the Cross Summer Academy is held in the town of Kawai, near Okutama, and a peaceful, green, scenic, and beautiful valley within a two hour drive of Tokyo. 


#6 Cross Goes Rice Planting, May 2018

One of our directors hosted a group of kids and families to experience something that they seldom do… except for when they eat that is! It was a great day, on the rice paddy, in the mud, discovering just where the rice we eat comes from!


#7 Cross supports the Nadia-Tohoku U12 International Soccer Friendly 2018

On the 16th and 17th of June 2018, 12 teams from across Japan came together for a weekend of soccer, friendship building, food, and fun. This 4th annual event was coordinated by Nadia, and with sponsorship provided by JP Morgan, Capital Group, the Bill McCreadie Family, the Carbine Club, and others.


#8 Cross goes climbing and conquers Kitadake in the Japanese Southern Alps.

In June 2018, Cross Education took a tour through the mountains and up to the peak of Japan’s second highest mountain, at 3199 meters, Kitadake. The weather in was spectacular. Fuji, 500 meters higher, stood proudly on the horizon. On the morning of the last day, the monsoons arrived and ensured that the team got good and wet on their way out.


#9 Cross Winter Academy, Coming December 2018!

This winter, from December 24th to 29th, Cross will be taking a group of children into the north of Tohoku  to the prefecture of Iwate to learn about and experience Winter in Japan. Participants will ski, curl, visit a ninja house, enjoy Tohoku winter cuisine, and more! Click here for more details.


#10 Become a Cheerleader at Cross!

From September 2018, Cross Education will be partnering with Cheer Spirit and Moeko Shimada, cheer dance coach of the Hanshin Tigers, in order to deliver an exeiting and ongoing dance program! Click here for more details.