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The 2019 Summer Academy Wrapup

From July 15th to August 30th 2019, kids from around the world joined together in Tokyo to learn, discover, and create. Their memories, accomplishments, and friendships will last a lifetime. 

The 2019 Summer Academy participants spend a total of 5 weeks together on campus at our Showa Women’s University location near the center of Tokyo City. They spent an additional week in the foothills of the Japanese Alps in Okutama, and one more in Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Spectacular Akiyoshidai Karst Plateau for the final week and the 1st Annual Akiyoshidai Youth Summit supported by UNESCO.

Throughout, they engaged in learning about culture, society, communication, technology, design, architecture, ecology, community, dance, flight, acting, sports, environmental issues, sustainable development, art, animation, drone piloting, videography and photography, digital editing, programming, robotics, coding, and much much more. 

Throughout, they participated in activities that included wasabi farming, mountain ecology, river rafting, barbecues, swimming in rivers, participating in Japanese community events, tea ceremonies, flower arranging, car racing, indoor skydiving, caving and spelunking, rocketry, hiking, magic workshops, Japanese “kirie” design with cutting edge Japanese designer Sho Kubo, and the creation of an art installation together with MireyHIROKI, a prominent figure in Japanese modern art.

There was little this group of campers in 2019 did not try, eat, experience, see, and do. And next year it gets even better!

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