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Building community is very important to Cross. We believe that the world becomes a better place when people work together to improve their shared environments. As a result of this, while we place a strong emphasis on community building skills in all of our programs, we as an organization also reach out to the communities around us to offer our support and to work together on projects that are important to all of us. Here are some of those organizations:


Nadia is a non-profit and disaster relief charity organization that provides relief and awareness to those affected by natural disasters, and in particular the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Three of our directors are active members of Nadia and support a number of its major fund raising, awareness, and opportunity generating events. These include the Nadia Trivia nights held monthly in Tokyo, the Annual Nadia Fund Raising Gala Event, and the Nadia-Tohoku U12 International Soccer Friendly.


The HJSL, located in Hikarigaoka, Tokyo, is an instrumental participant in the annual Nadia-Tohoku U12 International Soccer Friendly. The HJSL works in conjunction with Cross and NADIA in the overall coordination of the event.


Located in Morioka, also in Tohoku, IGR provides the logistics without which the Winter Camp Academy would not be possible. This includes the planning and coordination of events such as the Cross Winter Academy and the inclusion of participating Tohoku U12 teams in the Nadia-Tohoku U12 International Soccer Friendly.