Oume Nights!

Ron Carter and his Jazz Trio

Oume City is a community in the furthest western reach of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. It’s located west of Hachioji, and just to the north of Tokyo’s highest mountain (yes, this does exist) called Mount Takao. Hiking the 700 odd meters of this mountain is, incidentally, one of the the most recommended things to do should you decide to visit Tokyo. It’s also one of the possible adventures for the participants of Cross’ 2019 Summer Academy. The masses of people on any given holiday of the year clearly attest to this.

And so, tonight, in Oume, Movie Signboard City, a town decorated in western and Japanese retro motifs, and adorned with stylized oversized billboard posters of Hollywood classics like A Fist full of Dollars, Citizen Kane, and Gone With the Wind, and Japanese oldies like  丹下佐膳少年探偵団、and 悲しき口笛, Cross’ representative, Criss, was fortunate enough to attend a special event: a chill evening in an Oume lounge to watch Ron Carter and his Jazz Trio. This was clearly a very special event for this quiet, eclectic, and far flung corner of Tokyo; it was a very, very good night.