Design Thinking & The Monster in our Closets

We are in the midst of an event of historical proportion and precedent. We are caught in a moment where our collective belief in a nascent right to determine our own wants, needs, futures, and fates is colliding with a force of unknown magnitude threatening that belief to its core.

There is a monster in our closets, a demon under our beds, and we are frozen in the paralysis of unreasonable fear that it will strip us of all we hold dear.

Now, more than ever, we must do exactly those things we as a species contend we do so well: think, analyze, reason, and behave in ways that are consistent with what we do know and are able to surmise as a result. 

Design Thinking

The solutions to our problems should come from clear and grounded understandings of ourselves, our social interdependencies, our environments, and the particular characteristics of the challenges we face. Reacting solely to symptoms and consequences may be instinctive, and perhaps even temporarily effective. However, that kind of reactivity is, superficial and reflexive. It is often colored by fear and the desire to escape. It does not deepen our understanding of the nature of the challenges themselves.

“Some years ago…a truck driver tried to pass under a low bridge. But he failed, and the truck was lodged firmly under the bridge…..

…it caused massive traffic problems…emergency personnel, engineers, firefighters and truck drivers gather[ed] to devise and negotiate various solutions….

A boy…said…, “Why not just let the air out of the tires?”

When the solution was tested, the truck was able to drive free with ease…. The story symbolizes the struggles we face where oftentimes the most obvious solutions are the ones hardest to come by because of the self-imposed constraints we work within.”


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