Here’s a little bit to get the ball rolling…

Bucket List

What would I put in my bucket
That may not already be there
But things that I want to accomplish
In the great big wide world out there.
Oh to slide down the dunes of Sahara
And to swing from the vines of Belize
And to talk to a Mountain Gorilla
In Virunga amongst all of the trees.
And to see a wild dingo pursue
A wallaby and perhaps kangaroos
In the outback in the middle of Oz
Where stands the majestic Ayers Rock.
Then from there to Antarctic I’d go
To see penguins migrate in rows
Across icepacks and snowfields so vast
In temperatures in which we’d not last.
Then to Fiji I’d sail a small boat
That I’d build using balsa and rope
On the warm water shores of Peru
Just as Heyerdahl himself did before.
Then I’d sail as the Kon Tiki did
As those brave men once did when they lived
As they tried to prove to us all
That Fijians all came from Brazil.
And of course I would look for a place
That no one has yet left their trace
And from their I would look back at my life
And I’d smile without grudge or regret.

-Sixtrees (05012018)