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Cross Talk where all of us at Cross Education play with ideas. It’s where we share our ideas about how much we believe, not only in education and learning, but in all of the things all of us can accomplish through learning when we are able to move forward inspired, encouraged, and engaged.

As the image suggests, we are indeed in Japan. Not so far in fact from World Heritage Mt. Fuji. It’s great place to learn! Our hope is that we’ll give you plenty of reasons to consider trying it yourselves!  Our intention, however, is to take you to wherever we can find amazing opportunities to learn more!

What is a Classroom?

In the most general sense, a classroom is wherever you may be engaged in the discovery and application of knowledge and ideas that are new to you. It may be a room with desk, chairs, and all of the other paraphenalia and people within it… a preconception we all likely share. However, a classroom can be many things: a park bench on a rainy evening, the back of a coffee shop, the top of an outcropping of ancient volcanic rock beside a rocky beach, a subway station in Paris (as Ezra discovered), a boat, an airplane, a dinner table, a shack beside the home built by our grandfathers where they sharpened their tools they used to accomplish everything we took for granted.

So What?

Good question. We have a lot to talk about regarding that gift that influences our lives every second of every day, from cradle to grave: The ability to learn.  We want to encourage discovery. We believe that the experience of living gains value and meaning only when guided by the light of that one opportunity: to learn, to understand, to contribute, to improve ourselves, and to benefit the communities within which we live.

Shall we begin?


Waves and Particles, the Analog and the Digital, and the Death of Radar

You see, if light travels as waves, blocking those waves will stop their progress. So, to progress from one point to another, waves of light must travel across the space between, unfettered, in order to arrive at their destination. Should there be obstacles in between, they will be prevented from completing their journey. In this …

The Demise of Slide Rules, Abaci, & the Appropriation of the Googolplex

When I was in my early teens, I recall my father, a teacher (of English Literature incidentally), lamenting the loss of geometry from the standard school curriculum. While I could not understand his frustration completely at the time, I did infer this: we appeared to be losing the ability to learn something that held secrets …

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