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crissy discusses the cross education summer academy 2019

Think you know about Summer Camps? Think again! Welcome to Summer Academy 101!

Here is a special set of questions that will give you some more insight into the Cross Summer Academy. Take a look! It offers a few more things we’d like you to know about us, and it gives you a little perspective of how we think about those things we are doing! We hope it provides you with a better idea of who we are and what we have planned for you!


Criss & Crissy


Let’s Get Started!

Here are some instructions to help you proceed:

  • Pour yourself a cup of something good.
  • Find a comfortable seat, don’t worry about the time.
  • Most importantly; think a little out of the box!

Like the theme of the Academy states: Olympic Minds Change the World!

Have fun & enjoy!

criss discusses the cross education summer academy 2019

Summer Academy 101: Questions 1 to 10… Good Luck!

For each question below, choose the best option from the selection. We think there is only one best option each…but that’s our opinion! Once you’ve answered your question, you have three choices:  You can view the correct answer. You can redo the question. Or you can advance to the next question by clicking the white arrow in the blue circle to the bottom right. Once you have completed the quiz, we’ll tell you how you scored!

…oh yeah! If at any point you’d like a hint, click on the little white “i” in the thought bubble to the right of each question!