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ACADEMY FEATURES:  Community, Integration, Experience, Challenge
  • Duration: Flexible duration: 1 to 7 weeks
  • Location–Weeks 1, 2, 3, 6, & 7: Tokyo Campus, central Tokyo
  • Location–Week 4: Okutama Cross Outdoor Facilities
  • Location–Week 5: The 2nd Annual Youth Summit
  • English: Language of program delivery is English
  • Japanese: Japanese language stream for international students.
  • Language Support: English support for non-native speakers.
  • Ages & Groups: Age-specific and multi-age groups and challenges.
  • Learning through Doing: Applied learning focus throughout.
  • Variety: Diverse and inspiring experiences and locations.
  • Inspiration: Problem-solving through new and unique skills and experiences.
  • Character Building: Communication, interaction, exploration, experimentation, teamwork, & leadership.
  • Learning Integration: science, technology, engineering, mechanics, art, performance, design.

Professionals, Performers, & Specialists

The Summer Academy represents 7 weeks of learning, challenge, and experience that brings together a core group of talented teachers and mentors, as well as a fantastic lineup of specialists, professionals, & organizations. 

Every week of the academy, Coerver Coaching Japan joins us to provide our soccer program. The Coerver Coaching has grown from one camp in New York in 1984 to operations in 27 countries. It provides education products and services for hundreds of thousands of soccer players and coaches around the world. Coerver Coaching is a soccer skills teaching method.

Also weekly, the Crossover Basketball brings professional basketball coaches to the Cross Summer Academy to provide an amazing program to all those who love the sport.

Cheer Spirit, led by the former head coach of the Hanshin Tigers Cheerleading Team, Moeko Shimada, joins us as well each once a week to offer cheer dance experience to the Academy participants.

As well, each week, Satoko Jazz Dance Studio has been a part of our Camp programs for a number of years, and brings with it years of experience earned by Satoko-sensei. Her career included dance and choreography for organizations and acts such as Disney, Cats, Takarazuka, and more! Satoko-sensei brings performers such as

African musician BB Mo Frank and Japan’s top tap dancer Nobukato together join us for two performances: one in the first week of camp, and the other, a grand final performance and spectacle that includes the entire Academy population.  

A local Drone Piloting School will, weekly, ensure that the Academy participants learn this amazing activity from true professionals. Drones are an important part of our program, both to fly and to capture video and photography for creating digital media.

Another important element of our program running from week 1 to week 6 is Robotics (including, perhaps, Underwater Robotics). Helping us is a seasoned teen robotics coach.  For the kids, (5~11) coding professionals provide lesson and experiences in Coding & Junior Programming. 

The Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Japan’s only Japanese comedy improvisation group, joins us once again in Week 6 for a family performance as well as acting workshops for the camp participants.

And the Yuta Poi Dance Group joins us in Week 2 to provide some fantastic Techno and LED Poi Dance, as well as workshops for the kids.