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summer academy camps japanCross Education: Learning through Adventure

Cross Education, Japan, is a center for international learning. Located in Tokyo, it provides youth and young adults from around the world learning opportunities that prepare them to be skilled, adaptable, and effective individuals, wherever they are, and within ever-changing social, cultural, and environmental contexts.

The directors of Cross Education are from personal and professional backgrounds where learning was always inseparable from doing. We have woven this core belief into all of our programs: our Summer Academy, and all of our school programs camps in Japan that include Winter, Spring, Adventure, Weekend, and Evening.

We have worked to integrate the best approaches to experiential education from Canada, the United States, Germany, and Japan. Each of us is sure that our combined approach to applied learning within authentic situations within communities of shared intention will impact, benefit, and prepare people, both personally and professionally, for life.

Cross Education believes that education is most effective when it provides real-world opportunities to students. Our mission is to bring our approach to education to people from Japan and around the world, from teens to adults, to students and professionals, with these key values in mind.

Our Values

  1. Identity and Community
    At the heart of learning is the need for identity; learning is the acquisition of knowledge that creates identity that in turn contributes to the characteristics of the communities within which we live.
  2. Relevant Ideas
    People behave, live, communicate, interact, and conduct their lives and activities in ways that support their communities. Relevant ideas are those that promote the growth and well being of all within.
  3. Applied Learning
    All Cross programs mix theory and practice, ideas and experiences, concepts and application.
  4. Contextual Environments
    We believe that to understand mechanics people must learn to build. If people wish to learn language they should do so where it’s spoken. Should people wish to learn about penguins, there’s no better place to do so than in the Antarctic.
  5. Unique Experiences
    We want our students to participate in learning experiences that are unlike anything else they have experienced. We believe that innovativeness leads to inspired minds. Inspired minds learn.
  6. Self-Discovery
    We feel it is absolutely vital that people learn about themselves through trial and error, through testing and experiencing, by making mistakes and then finding solutions to fix them. We believe that only by understanding who they are (their strengths, weaknesses, limits, boundaries, aptitudes, likes, dislikes) will they be able to grow.
  7. Global Relevance
    Cross programs are relevant around the world. We believe that diversity improves community and that community, no matter how diverse, depends on common goals and ideas. Our approach to education helps people be successful no matter where they are, no matter where they are from.
  8. Strengthening Communicative Skills
    We also believe that cultural understanding, empathy, focus, open-mindedness, determination, and patience all contribute to helping us become better communicators. It’s not all about language!
  9. Emphasis on English
    The basis for all human interaction is the ability to communicate, and we do so first in English. For those who are native speakers of other languages we provide English language learning support, and for those who are native English speakers we provide Japanese language support.
  10. Exposure to Trailblazers
    Like Elon Musk, Malala Yousafzai, and Barak Obama, trailblazers challenge ideas, discover new things, take risks, and are most often the first to go to new places. We want our students to become trailblazers! We strive to connect our learning adventures to the world. So, be prepared to visit some pretty amazing places and meet some pretty famous people while you participate in Cross programs!