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Cross Tracks & the Ichibancho Cross Education Learning Center

We’d Like to Introduce Our Newest Facility! The Cross Education Learning Center at Ichibancho

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Cross Learning Center is in one of the oldest and most respected parts of the city called Ichibancho. Ichibanchō is an upscale residential district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The district is located just east of Tokyo Imperial Palace, and is home to the British Embassy and Paraguayan Embassy. We are located only minutes walk from 4 subway stations (Hanzomon, Ichigaya, Kojimachi, and Yotsuya, 4 of Tokyo’s Metro lines (the Shinjuku Line, the Marunouchi Line, the Hanzomon Line, & the Yurakucho Line), and the JR Chuo and Sobu Lines. The Cross Learning Center is surrounded by some of Tokyo’s most respected schools, including Sophia University, Bancho Elementary School, Futaba High School, & Chiyoda International School, among others. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium is 3 kilometers in one direction, and the center of Japanese government only 1 kilometer in the other direction.

Our head office is located at the Cross Education Learning Center, as is our newest line of programs that begins in the Fall of 2019: Cross Tracks.

Cross Tracks at the Cross Education Learning Center

Cross Tracks is Cross Education’s line of continuing programs geared towards both Japanese and International students. Our programs include:

Japanese Language & Culture
Begin now!

These programs cater to students 16+ and are Japanese language and cultural programs for non-Japanese speakers. Our teachers are among of the finest Japanese conversation and business language teachers, and mix both formal language training with cultural and contextual emphases. Like all Cross Education programs, the instructional emphasis is on applied learning, and learning in context. Students study in both classroom and authentic environments throughout the program.

English Language
Start in November 2019

Our English language classes cater to local Japanese students ranging in age from pre-school to senior students, and focus on communicative skills building through authentic and applied learning. Our kids program (from 5 to 10 years old) is based on language in simulated environments and situations with heavy emphasis on repetition, song, and purposeful conversational interaction. For teens and young adults, the emphasis shifts to social, academic, and professional conversational and communicative skills, with care taken to learn, in context, the fundamentals: grammar, reading, writing, pronunciation.

Media & Technology, Art, Design
Start in April 2020

Always in English, these courses focus on streams of learning that are iconic to Cross Education that involve problem solving through technology, art, and design. Students in this stream of programming learn the essentials of planning, computer assisted design, animation, coding and programming, videography, digital editing, basic architectural and building skills, and more. The challenges include movie making, robotics, rocketry, model construction, and much more. Stay tuned for more information to come shortly on all of these programs, and for further information contact us now! From November 2019 we will begin a series of information sessions and open houses at our Ichibancho Learning Center.

More information coming soon!

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